Serving flavors from around the world with a dash of levant spices, AWJ creates a range of home-favorite restaurants that still hold a flair for global tastes.

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About Us







AWJ is a fast-growing Food &Beverage Holding Group that explores popular Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and International flavours.

Exploring global opportunities, AWJ recognizes the potential of a rapidly evolving Food & Beverage market, to acquire and grow a brand that is internationally recognized and loved.

Founded and headquartered in Dubai; AWJ set out on its culinary journey with five unique concepts – all strategically located across popular tourist and dining destinations in Dubai.

Within the following five years, AWJ plans to travel and explore Markets across Europe, North Africa and the USA, experimenting with new tastes and old, and infusing traditional flavours with a fusion of traditions.



To Innovate traditions and cuisines around the world.



To lead international markets with unique restaurant concepts.

Our Values

AWJ is driven by five values that act as guidelines for every member of the group.

  • NutritionServe Fresh.
    Serve Healthy.
  • QualityPromise to deliver only the best.
  • PassionLove what you do
    and do it well.
  • LeadershipBe at the forefront of
    every category.
  • IntegrityBe honest and sincere in all dealings.

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